Les industries Sodevamerica Inc - 3925 Grande Allée - St Hubert, QC, J4B 3V8
mail : contact@sodeva.com

Les industries Sodevamerica Inc - 3925 Grande Allée - St Hubert, QC, J4B 3V8
mail : contact@sodeva.com

Sodevamerica offers special ultrasonic vibrating blades to cut all specific products for food industries as fixed weight cheese portions, sweets,  frozen cakes, frozen tarts in molds and complex products. Very attractive prices are done to offer an easy access to this new technology.

New ultrasonic blades able to cut cheese cubes ! Our Vibracut offers a 33inches long blade to precut all your blocks in perfect logs and eliminate trims or giveaway.







Frozen cake slab                                         Cheese cubes in volume

This site is dedicated to the technology of ultrasonic cutting for cheeses (logs and round wheels fixed weight), chocolate, candy like caramel, marshmallow, nougat, fruit paste, cereal bars and other fragile products such as cake, foie gras, dough or frozen products. We design and manufacture complete food cutting lines equipped with vision system for fixed weight cutting to avoid overweight portioning, especially for cutting cheese.

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Another success for SodevAmerica:

Many great SodevAmerica successes, again, on the Ultrasonic Cutting front, for cheese portioning at Fixed Weight, with the following new references, only on the past few years !


  • Here in North America :
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    • Agrilait
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    • Bergeron20141120_120414
  • St Albert20141208_120944
  • HabcoDSC02397
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  • Baron ChesseLayout Baron
  • Saputo Layout Saputo
  •                        Yancey’s Fancy NY

The frequency emitted by our ultrasonic generator provides a very efficient slicing through a vibrating blade at high frequency. Without this vibration you cannot cleanly cut fine foods, nor cut difficult food, as sticky products or fragile food.

We design and manufacture ourself all the equipment, including the ultrasonic components, like ultrasonic generators, ultrasonic transducers, ultrasonic boosters, and ultrasonic titanium blades, as well as the whole product cutting machines and food slicing line.

Top quality cutting example!


Here is a good example of what ultrasonic cutting can do:

a soft chocolate cake with almonds and nuts:

very fragile, very sticky and multi-phase: a soft product with hard chunks !


With SodevAmerica, you will have the following unique features, either for ultrasonic cheese slicing, ultrasonic deli cutting, ultrasonic meat portioning, ultrasonic chocolate dicing, ultrasonic pastry cutting, ultrasonic confectionery portioning, ultrasonic serving food cutting and ultrasonic frozen food slicing:

  • Fast payback: almost non-contact cutting, for lower running and maintenance, and even more savings with the optional fixed weight cutting.
  • Fixed weight: for prepacked portions at exact weight, to avoid over-cutting.
  • Better quality: integrated know-how and remote diagnosis, which our competitors cannot do since they subcontract the ultrasound part

The ultrasonic cutting is then perfectly suited to slice :

Long product fixed weight cutting !

Look the following example of ultrasonic fixed weight cutting. We made a very irregular cheese log and we scanned it though our new Visionix (TM) 3D visualisation system, and we got top accurate 100g slices:

Fixed weight