Les industries Sodevamerica Inc - 3925 Grande Allée - St Hubert, QC, J4B 3V8
mail : contact@sodeva.com

Les industries Sodevamerica Inc - 3925 Grande Allée - St Hubert, QC, J4B 3V8
mail : contact@sodeva.com

Fixed weight cutting

Unique fixed weight cutting and portioning solutions, for either round or long products, with either 3D-Vision  or X-Ray solutions!

Fixed weight slicing is our speciallity for many years now, since we have taken the leadership of the European market, and now more and more North American customers are choosing us … for good reasons!

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  • We do ourself the “ENGINE” inside your machine!
For the last 25 years we design and manufacture the ultrasonic generators, transducers, boosters and blades, of our own machines.
Making an ultrasonic cutting head is an Art with lots of know-how behind, and a  specific application needs a specific cutting head.  
We are the only ones in the world to do so. Our competitors purchase to third parties the ultrasonic components, hence they don’t master the core of their machines, while we do!
Would you purchase a car to someone would has not built the engine?
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  •  Our technology is more advanced, with new patents every year, and our solutions are proven with many new-design machines put in operation in North American over the last years.

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  • Especially when it comes to 3D-Vision, with our system that is so accurate that we can propose a no-heells solutions, by playing within the margins of the norms, with all the portions still within the norms! Or by having our Operational Vice President being the engineer who invented the X-Ray fixed-weight technology, applied to swiss cheese cutting!

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  • At the end, they are more accurate, more flexible, and more economical to buy and to operate; this will give you a much faster return on the investment, and a clear adavantage over your competitors.

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  • Please contact us, so we can help you decide which of our standard machine is best for your application, or we can adapt one of our best seller to your needs!
  • In the meantime, please download one of the here-attached brochure; they are only a few example of what we made.
  • As always with our ultrasonic cutting machines, the benefits and options you will find are for instance:
  • Perfect clean cut surface
  • Compact and scalable machines as per your needs
  • Wash down, and easy to maintain
  • Extremly regular cheese wheels or cheese blocks, or paté, or actually any kind of products, cutting and slicing
  • All shapes, round products, cheese wheels or logs, without changing tools (SODEVA PATENT), fixed weight as option … Already many machines in the USA and Canada …
  • 3D-Vision, and / or X-Ray fixed weight, ACCURATE TO THE GRAM for the 3D-Vision (less than 0.05 Oz !!!), for all shapes, X Rays as option for emmental,
  • No sticking to the blade, so high speed cutting is feasible, as well as high accuracy (because there are no deformations of the cheese during cutting),
  • Possibility to automatically clean the blade, between each product, to avoid any cross contamination through the cutting,
  • wide range of machines from 40 cuts per minute to 120 cuts per minutes


With a standard process, cuts are not driven by a vision system, and slices weights are relatively approximate.

To compensate, an expensive overweight must be added to each portion to meet the distributors standards, which severely penalizes the manufacturer cost.

This excess can now be greatly reduced through the implementation of our high speed vision expert system: cutting at fixed weight through an accurate fast 3D volume rebuilding.
Distributors want prepacked portions at exact weight, all the same, always equal, that is what we call cuts at fixed weight or at constant weight.

Each slice corresponds to a volume calculated with an accuracy to the gram (about 2 to 3 thousandths of a pounds) for either cheeses, pastries, patés or delis. Our cameras scan and calculate in record time, products volume then shares, unlike laser beams systems which are extremely slow, and the PLC pilots the blades exactly where to shares will end up at the same weight.

For instance, a 1616 grams (more than 3 ½ pounds) cheese is being cut into 4 shares of 405, 403, 403 and 405 grams. Each cheese is cut into 4 every 6 seconds as an industrial cycle, for one of our customers, Lactalis, one of the biggest cheese producer in the world.

We are the only ones in the world to cut cheese wheels at that speed and that accuracy; with such a vision system the return on investment is very fast!

Waterproof cameras,
Operatorcontrol monitors,
Fully automatic industrial cycles in operator mode,
Computation of the remaining slices to make them salable by automatic weight excess or weight shortage distribution over all the slices,
Computation of the empty hearts whe the offsets are calculated and each crown (center and outdoor) is cut exactly
Curved shapes, caps, an corrugated baked tops are treated and rebuilt to the exact weight.

Please do your own maths and calculate the number of slices and weight you may save per year. In addition, the versatility of the machine allow you to manage many different type and shape of products, from round cheese wheels, to long rectangular cakes.

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