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Les industries Sodevamerica Inc - 3925 Grande Allée - St Hubert, QC, J4B 3V8
mail : contact@sodeva.com

Deli cutting

Ultrasonic deli, delicatessen, servings and prepared food slicing

The ultrasonic cutting technology is unbeatable when it comes to cutting products made of layers of different textures and consistencies.

Indeed, ultrasound pushes aside the product, regardless of textures encountered, so it is not the weight of the blade that is cutting the product, as in the classic old technology, and as a way of consequence slicing is done without smashing even the most fragile products.

To slice delis and prepared foods such as small gourmet bites, wraps, crepes, fajitas, sushis, pies, pizzas, etc. … So ultrasonic deli cutting has the following advantages:

  • Slicing without product deformation,
  •  Perfect clean cut surface
  •  Process particularly advantageous from a sanitary point of view:
    • No sticking to the blade
    • Possibility to automatically clean the blade, between each product, to avoid any cross contamination, such as bacteriesor allergens, through the cutting
    • Wash down, and easy to maintain
  • High accuracy 3D-VISION for FIXED WEIGHT slicing to the GRAM
  • Compact and scalable machines as per your needs
  • Wide products variety slicing without any tool changing
  •  High speed slicing : 60 to 120 strokes / min per blade
  • Very competitive price

With our ultrasonic slicers you are sure that the generators, transmitters, boosters, titanium blades, as well as all the mechanics and automation are designed and manufactured entirely by us, for performant  high integrated equipment, cheaper, and finallly with a (wavelength) step ahead!

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