Les industries Sodevamerica Inc - 3925 Grande Allée - St Hubert, QC, J4B 3V8
mail : contact@sodeva.com

Les industries Sodevamerica Inc - 3925 Grande Allée - St Hubert, QC, J4B 3V8
mail : contact@sodeva.com

Ultrasonic cutting



Ultrasonic cutting, slicing and portioning is our speciallity for more than 25 years now, and over the last years we have taken the leadership of the European market, with many patent and new technologies that are now widely used on our machines worldwide.

More and more North American customers are choosing us now … for good reasons!

Will you be the next one?

  • We build the “car” and the “engine” inside it!
We design and manufacture our own ultrasonic generators, transducers, boosters and blades, for the last 25 years. It is an Art, with a lot of know-how, to make a good cutting head, and it is deeply related to the product to be cut. Our competitors purchase to third parties the ultrasonic components, hence they don’t master the core of their own machines, while we do!
  • Our technology is more advanced, truly at the cutting edge of the technology, supported by patents, with new ones each year!
  • Our solutions are proven with dozens and dozens of recent machines installed worldwide, including here in North America!
  • At the end, our machines are extreemly accurate (with an intensive use of servo-motors), highly automated, more flexible (versatility of size and shapes you will be able to use in the same machine), and more economical to buy and to operate (check out our prices against the competition and you will see!).
  • All these benefits will give you a clear advantage over your competitors, and a much faster return on the investment.
  • Please contact us, so we can help you decide which of our standard machine is best for your application, or we can adapt one of our best seller to your needs!
  • In the meantime, please download one of the brochurs you will find in those pages; they are only a few example of what we made.
  • As always with our ultrasonic cutting, slicing, portioning machines, the benefits and options you will find are for instance:
    • Almost no contact cutting / no sticking to the blade
    • Perfect clean cut surface
    • Compact equipment with a wide range of application
    • Scalable machines as per your needs
    • High accuracy 3D-reconstruction of each portion to be cut
    • Fast data acquisition
    • Wide products variety slicing without any tool changing
    • No diameter, weight or thickness limits
    • Wash down, and easy to maintain
    • Max cutting width with 1 blade: 14″
    • Possibility to increase the cutting width with blades side by side 
    • High speed slicing : 60 to 120 strokes / min per blade
    • Working blade frequency: 20 kHz
    • Maximum power allowed: 3 kW per blade
    • Max cutting amplitude : 90 μ
    • We work with modules and the slicing heads are optimized by our in-house research department, so we save time and money. This is why we end up with SHORT DELIVERY and a very COMPETITIVE PRICE!

For all these reasons, this technology is particularly adapted to ultrasonic cutting and slicing of for ultrasonic cheese slicing, deli cutting, meat portioning, chocolate dicing, pastry cutting, confectionery portioning, serving food cutting and frozen food slicing